Want to take your people skills to the next level?

Here are some quick ideas for you!

Ttry these 3 C’s.

3. Connection …

Ever been talking to someone and really feel like you are wasting your time? Next time you are speaking with someone, whether it be a team member you lead or a client or prospect? Try this.

Completely and absolutely focus on the person, like there is no-else in the world. They will feel a level of connection, they never have before. They will respond more differently to you than they ever have before.

Try it yourself.

2. Concern …

Have you ever been talking to someone and really felt like they didn’t care at all?

Next time you are speaking with someone, try this.

Completely and absolutely look at the situation from their perspective only. Really walk in their shoes. Literally think about what it feels like from their perspective.

You will experience a level of empathy like never before. They will notice and respond differently to you.

Try it for yourself.

1. Congratulate …

Ever shared something that you felt was positive, to a numb response?

Next time someone shares what they believe is even the smallest amount of positive news, congratulate them.

Acknowledge them and congratulate them.

Injecting positivity on the smallest things, celebrating the smallest of things can make all the difference.

Try it.