Engagement is a word that’s used a lot.

I believe it simply means, look and listen.

If you do look and listen then you may never hear any of these statements.

If you have or do already, then perhaps it’s time to take a fresh look at the way you connect with your people.

If you can’t be bothered cultivating deep connections then check out this article too.

3. “My Manager Doesn’t Care Enough” 

This is how you don’t want to be described by your team.

This is a typical experience of many employees: they feel deeply overlooked and undervalued.


Their bosses fail to really connect with them in a genuine way.

When was the last time you had a cup of coffee one on one with your key players and got to know them as a fellow human being?

communicate effectively

2. “The Business Doesn’t Appreciate Me” 

This is also what you want to avoid hearing in your business.

To ensure this doesn’t happen it’s important to acknowledge and not take for granted your people.

This is of course a case by case basis.

Don’t leave it for formal feedback sessions though.

Raise topics in a timely way so people have time to course correct. The element of surprise only makes things worse.

1.”You Don’t Listen To Me. You’re Not Taking Me Seriously”

Even if you don’t take on board everything that’s suggested, hear it.

Hearing doesn’t cost anything, and there may be a gem in there.

Listening to one another and feeling heard is a fundamental human need.

I know you know this, but do you do it?

Listen differently and see what results you get.

Eye contact, coaching, mentoring, encouraging, appreciating are all keys to making this work better.

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